1. All bids placed on any pigeon is binding and can and will not be removed. Bid responsibly.
  2. All pigeons sold on Pigeonz.co.za is sold “Voetstoots”.
  3. Pigeonz.co.za does not take any responsibility for fertility of any pigeon sold.
  4. All pigeons bought will be paid within 5 days – Unless otherwise agreed by pigeonz.co.za
  5. All pigeons must be paid directly to pigeonz.co.za.
  6. 2% needs to be added for all cash deposits to accommodate banking fees.
  7. All pigeons sold for more than R2000-00 ZAR gives the “Buyer” the opportunity to request a
    DNA Certificate from the “Seller” directly. The “Buyer” is responsible for the cost related to
    DNA Certification. NB!!! Only if the Seller has bred the pigeon on sale or if he is still in
    possession of the Father or Mother. We cannot expect DNA Certification if the pigeon on sale
    was obtained from another loft.,,,,
  8. On fixed priced auctions “Buyers” may submit a request for a 3 month payment plan. All requests need to be approved before the purchase can continue. However if the request is approved by pigeonz.co.za the pigeon will only be released to his new owner once the last payment has been received. If a “Buyer” do not meet his payment obligations the pigeon will be re-sold and all monies paid up until this point will be lost and cannot be claimed back.

Warm regards,

Derik Bezuidenhout
Pigeonz Team