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Pigeonz Sales and Photography

Live Auction Sales


Below you will find the LIVE AUCTION section of the website.

To take part in this section you need to Register as a Buyer, the process is easy.

To bid on any of these birds please click on the BID NOW next to the specific bird.
Fill in your bid amount (do not include the "R") which must be minimum R100 more than the previous bid.
Closing Time of each individual bird will be extended by 5 minutes if a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of closing time to give all bidders a fair chance to respond.

Please Note that bids may be made at any time of the day or night, bids are updated every 20 seconds...
You may also fill in a maximum bid amount which will allow you to sit back and let the system bid for you even if you are not there. Your maximum bid amount is a secret and not even myself will know. If someone places a bid the same as your high bid your bid will get preference due to it being placed earlier. The name displayed under "Leading Bidder" is the person holding the high bid, regardless of what the "Bid History" shows.

Once you have won the bid on a specific pigeon yourself and the seller will receive an automated e-mail confirming the successfull bid.
The seller will then be in touch with you to conclude the transaction in terms of payment and shipping.

If you have any problems in doing this please call/whatsapp/sms me Leon Petzer on 083-234-5858 and I will assist you telephonically.

Please contact Jurie Erwee at info@triplejlofts.co.za or +27  74 114 7621 to find out about costs and info on exporting before placing bids.


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