Pigeonz Sales and Photography
Pigeonz Sales and Photography

Welcome to Pigeonz,

This Racing Pigeon Sales Website has been created with the sole purpose of providing Pigeon Fanciers with
a Professional Platform to offer their pigeons for sale at a reasonable price
as well as an opportunity for potential buyers to obtain excellent specimens at a fair price.

All pigeons are placed by the sellers at a Fixed Asking Price, their contact details will be displayed openly to any potential buyers who wish to make an offer or discuss any information relating to the pigeons available.

All transactions will be directly between Seller & Buyer, and no payments will be made to Pigeonz unless instructed to by seller, this is to ensure that the Seller receives his payment without delay.

Sellers place birds on sale at a Fixed Fee, there is NO COMMISSION taken on sales, regardless of the amount the pigeons are sold for.

I feel that the placement fee charged is reasonable for the service rendered and is possibly the most affordable in the business.
Please feel free to contact me at any time should you wish to enquire about placing bird on sale or any other questions you might have, I am open to suggestions.

Leon Petzer
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